Mohair Accessories South Africa

La Mohair was founded by Larissa Primmer out of a passion to create something truly special and something unique to the Eastern Cape of
South Africa.

With the co-operation of local labour, garments are either small-machine knitted or handmade through the ancient method of looming.

Only the finest, most luxurious KID Mohair is used in the caring production of all La Mohair products. Only locally sourced natural fibres are used to create the finest quality garments.

La Mohair’s small, personalised factory is situated in the heart of the Port Elizabeth’s industrial area. La Mohair is labour intensive and supports the increased demand for job creation in the Eastern Cape by promoting hand-crafted garments specific to this province. Local women from the previously disadvantaged community comprise the entire staff complement.

The South African Mohair Industries Limited (SAMIL) ensures the supply of the finest quality KID Mohair together with laboratory controlled dyeing techniques. SAMIL is fortunately on La Mohair’s doorstep for immediate and proficient product support. Fibre combinations tailored to client’s specifications are just one of the many services offered by SAMIL.

La Mohair enjoys substantial trade from the Scandinavian countries with growing interest in the local market.

Mohair Fibre South Africa
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