Mohair Accessories South Africa

The Mohair fibre is one of the world’s most exclusive natural fibres.

Known worldwide as `the noble fibre’, both its beauty and success can be attributed to its unrivalled lustre, warm resilience and ability to hold brilliant colours.

Mohair South Africa

South Africa currently produces approximately 50% of total world production. In realising the responsibility that goes with being the most reliable source of quality mohair, Mohair South Africa was established to perform functions aimed at the advancement of the entire mohair industry.

To achieve this objective, it is Mohair SA’s vision to seek international partnerships and alliances that will enhance the consumption of Cape Mohair, and lead to sustainable demand and profitability for all role players – from producer to processor, buyer to manufacturer.

Mohair SA believes that shared knowledge, a vigorous commitment to continuous improvement, progressive attitudes and financial discipline, are critical ingredients for the future success of the industry.

History of Mohair in South Africa

Angora goats were introduced in South Africa by Colonel John Henderson from Turkey with a consignment of twelve rams and one ewe in 1838.

The rams were rendered infertile before leaving Turkey, but happily the ewe was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy ram kid during the voyage.

Although several further importations of Turkish stock were made up to 1896, the above-mentioned ewe and her kid formed the foundation of the Angora goat and mohair industry in South Africa.

Mohair Accessories South Africa

Mohair’s unique Properties

The fibre’s natural lustre gives garments a silky sheen. It’s the ideal garment to wear day or night.

Because of its elasticity, mohair is rated one of the world’s most durable natural fibres.

The fabric is luxuriously lightweight and renowned for its versatility – cool in summer and warm in winter.

Products made from mohair have a natural elasticity, which ensures they hold their shape.

Mohair responds magnificently to dyes, retaining even the most brilliant colours over time.

Mohair is virtually non-flammable, keeping you safe and chic all year round.

Mohair breathes, absorbing and releasing atmospheric moisture and controlling its own ‘climate’ to ensure optimal comfort.

Grading of the Mohair

Under 26 microns

Super Fine Kid

26-27 microns

Fine Kid

28-30 microns


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