La Mohair responds to the furore of the reports of animal cruelty

La Mohair responds to the furore of the reports of animal cruelty

It is reassuring to note that SAMIL Natural Fibres has reacted immediately and with force. They have undertaken not to support any organizations, associations or individuals who are found to be in contravention of the acceptable and humane treatment of animals.

Unfortunately the vast majority of principle abiding farmers have been branded as villains because of the unacceptable behaviour of the few. In fact, only 1.7% of mohair suppliers were investigated, and of these, only a small percentage were found to be guilty of the unacceptable and shocking treatment of animals.

La Mohair supports the removal of these individuals and applauds SAMIL’s removal of their produce from their stocks. Animals do NOT deserve to be treated barbarically.

Further to this, it is with dire concern to La Mohair that the welfare of the poorest of the poor may be negatively impacted by the actions of the few. More than 30 000 direct and many more indirect workers rely solely on their income derived directly from the mohair industry. The behaviour of these few can be viewed as nothing more than selfish and reckless.

La Mohair urges Mohair South Africa (with government intervention) to bring this blot to a conclusion with the utmost urgency.

Please find below statements from SAMIL and Mohair South Africa. 

SAMIL Statement re Claims of Animal Abuse

Mohair South Africa statement