New Mohair Headquarters

La Mohair is pleased to be affiliated with a new Mohair Industry Headquarters in Walmer, Port Elizabeth.

“With  South Africa being the biggest producer of Mohair worldwide and with the launch of the international Mohair mark in 2015, the Mohair industry took the lead to develop a new Mohair HQ that reflects the brand’s history and establishes a base for its bright future. With the majority of South African Mohair being exported, the Mohair industry of South Africa has a vast international footprint. As such, the new building needed to accommodate many international guests including fashion decision makers, influential media and buyers.”- The Weekend Post

“As leaders in mohair production, South Africa produces 53% of global mohair production and together with Lesotho, produces 70% of world production, making Africa a prominent continent for its excellent quality mohair.The new building will include a retail space, where an array of mohair products, produced both locally and abroad, will be available. A mini conference centre will be created to cater mainly for the industry needs. Provision is also being made for a mohair library and crafting space, which can be utilised by students.” – Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism