Company Background

La Mohair was recently honored with the SJM Flex Environmental Award at the Annual Exporters Awards Gala and Merit Award for the Best Small Exporter of the Year in 2019.

In our early days, our journey began with a passion to create exquisite mohair garments.

When the company was officially founded in 2013, the team only consisted of 5 women – all working hard towards success.
Rural women with knitting and weaving skills began to knit scarves and weave throws with the noble fibre, Kid Mohair. Today, we are still an all-women-team; except we now employ double the number of staff – producing a more diverse catalog of products for luxury retail distributors in Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Japan.

All material used during production in the factory viz yarn is from SAMIL Nature Fibre – mohair specialists that located in the Nelson Mandela Bay area. This year, we adopted initiatives to train our staff about water conservation at work, fire safety with electrical equipment, hygiene in the workplace and general well-being which benefits their health and our factory production targets. We continue to learn more about this intricate industry, overcoming challenges daily in order to achieve superb quality.

The Selection

Only locally sourced natural fibres are used to create the finest quality garments.

Angora goats are shorn twice a year – following all safety measures during each process, as per Mohair South Africa’s anti-animal-cruelty regulations.

Mohair South Africa is a member of the Textile Exchange, a global non-profit organisation that promotes best practices that drive transformation, environmental conservation & accountability in the mohair supply network.

The Process

We source our yarn locally thus continuing the cycle of giving back to the community.

We’re the only SA manufacturer of carefully hand-made kid-mohair products that transforms raw yarn and exports 95% of manufactured goods.

Most of the previously disadvantaged African woman in our team are breadwinners in their large families with many mouths to feed. Therefore, by creating jobs and empowering them with skills-development, we support their communities too.

The Result

Excellent quality & finely manufactured extra soft kid mohair products.

We have invested in production efficiency to better the lives of our workers with the best working conditions and compensation plans.

Our green-production-process utilizes tools such as eco-drums to collect rainwater for the washing process, all-natural certified dyes for coloring and purified processes for drying.

We Appreciate You!

Thank You for The Support!

Our business has surprised us with rapid and tremendous growth within the manufacturing and exporting sphere. This is due to massive passion for our work, external assistance from numerous organisations from the Eastern Cape and unwavering mutual respect among us that we were able to achieve our goals.

Because of this strong support structure, we are also able to provide training for unskilled and semi-skilled African women in knitting and weaving. Through these inhouse training programmes, we aim to further develop and upskill these women to further the success of La Mohair.

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